In 1887, renowned archeologist and tomb-raider, Professor Josiah Hamre was digging through the Amazonian jungle when various tribal leaders began relating stories of a dark deity named DIABOLKI (dee-ah-bowl-ki) – translated The Fallen God – and his lost temple.  Tribal tales included the typical descriptions of vast amounts of gold and treasure, but when pressed further, they only urged him to hide his face from the gaze of the Fallen One should their paths ever cross.

Searching for the Temple of the Fallen God became Josiah Hamre’s obsession, and many close to him said he could often be found walking alone around their jungle camps at night, participating in eerie whispered conversations.  Shortly thereafter, Josiah’s team came into possession of an animal-skin map which pointed to the location of the lost temple.  Rumor has it that a mad witchdoctor gave it to Josiah.  Less honorable sources claim that he murdered the witchdoctor for it after the latter refused to give it over to Josiah.  But this is just a ghastly rumor.

After weeks of fighting their way through the jungle, it is said that Josiah Hamre’s team found the temple of Diabolki.  What happened next is anyone’s guess, as no physical evidence of the find was recovered at the time.  In fact, it appears that the entire team simply vanished, never to return, except for one – Professor Josiah Hamre.  Reports claim that approximately six months after the tragic event of the entire team being presumed dead, Professor Hamre stumbled into the midst of a tribal village naked, starving, and clearly insane.  He kept ranting and babbling about things like a supposed fanged creature called HURUMBO, the never-resting NINOSTERA (Children of the Earth), and something called MALOTEC which he said, “appeared from within and the shadow.”  It was further remarked that all his ranting would eventually end with him covering his face and pleading with DIABOLKI to turn his face away – his weeping and pleading finally evolving into the most ghastly, guttural laughter.

Professor Josiah Hamre never survived the trip back to the States.  Some say he died one night quietly in his sleep during the voyage home.  Others say he strangled himself with his blanket.  In any event, no sign of the Temple of the Fallen God was found, and the fabled map was not recovered…until recently.

One hundred and thirty-two years later, mysterious reports of the map resurfacing in the hands of Josiah’s great grandson, a Dr. Nathan Hamre, are being whispered about in the shadow community.  Will he seek the temple out to confront the darkness that claimed so many, along with his great grandfather’s mind?  Will he be tempted to recover the vast temple treasure?  Will he risk himself to claim victory over the Fallen God, where his great grandfather failed?  Or…in his new-found obsession does he have something else in mind that only DIABOLKI himself knows?

Come enter the recently rediscovered Temple of the Fallen God, as the invited guest of Dr. Nathan Hamre.  As the invitation reads, you may keep all the treasure you can carry out of the temple.  Surely the stories of HURUMBO, NINOSTERA, and MALOTEC are only the mindless gibberish of a madman.  Dr.  Hamre’s only requirement is that you look into the eyes of DIABOLKI, that you might know the wonder and beauty of the Fallen One, as he now does.

DIABOLKI seeks all.