Do you know why we like Halloween so much? One reason…
It is a MASSIVE evangelism field ready for planting and harvesting!

In 2018, it was reported that nearly 70% of people in the U.S. alone will be participating in some sort of Halloween activity, and the holiday itself has become a 9 BILLION DOLLAR industry. Like it or not, this holiday is no small thing. And so, in order to leverage the holiday and surrounding activities (and to take the battle directly to the Enemy,) we created the Realm of Shadow.
The Realm of Shadow is a gore-free community haunted attraction/maze that was started by Ron Love and Nathan Hamre nearly 15 years ago. Our mission has been simple: to put on a quality, creepy, fun maze each year, so that we can attract as many people as possible. As the people go through the maze, they are given great candy and gospel tracts. Doing this year after year has allowed us to create a ton of goodwill within the community, and allows us to regularly engage in spiritual conversations with the attendees. What Satan has meant for evil, God turns it on its ear and uses for His purposes each year. Prior to 2018, the Realm of Shadow had been opening our home-based haunt each year for multiple nights over the Halloween season.  We were very blessed to reach an average of 400 people each year with the gospel. However, in 2018, God opened the door for us to showcase our haunt at the Midsummer Scream Convention in Long Beach.  We reached nearly 4,000 people with the gospel over that one weekend!  And during that Halloween season, we reached an additional 800 people in our own community.  As God leads, we will follow.  In doing so, we will continue to up the quality of the event in order to attract an even wider audience by reaching several of our building and equipment goals with the generous support of many friends and supporters. God continues to bless this outreach abundantly with increased opportunities to reach people, and it always appears that He has more in mind for us to accomplish.


It certainly has been one strange year, hasn’t it? Six months ago, I never would have predicted both the cancellation of the Midsummer Scream Convention in Long Beach and our own Realm of Shadow outreach at Halloween. And yet…that is where we have arrived.
As many of you now know, due to the orders issued by the County of Los Angeles, Realm of Shadow will not be able to open its doors to the community this year. We are all saddened by this turn of events and the loss of personal interaction with the community. We had so many plans for our return to the convention and at our new location in Bellflower this year.
But cancellation does not mean we have stopped working. As a fellow Shadow Walker, you’ll be thrilled to know that we will continue working hard on our haunt build this year. WHY? Because we have already been invited to the 2021 Midsummer Scream Convention in July, and Halloween happens every year. That means that we are preparing for nearly 4,000 people being reached at the convention, and probably another 1,000 people being reached during the Halloween season with gospel tracts. It’s this interaction with people that makes all the hard work worth it! So, we are going to finish our build, test everything out, mark and label every single piece of the haunt, and then store it until the convention build in July. Believe me…those two days of build prior to the convention are crazy. We are committed to hitting the 2021 outreach opportunities harder than ever.  In the end, it’s all about reaching more and more people for Jesus, and we need your help.


We are seeking financial support for a very wide range of needs this year, and our goal is $3,500. Our plans for this year’s/next year’s haunt are bigger and better than ever. But with bigger and better comes the need to build the necessary walls and props for the expanded footprint. We have scrounged everywhere and been blessed by others in the haunt community with many items already. We are so very thankful. But even with these additions, we will be short on building materials this year. Our greatest need is for lumber and construction materials for additional walls, platforms and room designs; as well as our normal decorating and costuming needs.  And, of course, we are always in need of  additional electronic and audio triggers, lighting, and props.  Any amount of support will help and is deeply appreciated.

The opportunities God continues to place in front of us go way beyond anything we ever imagined, but we know that through your prayers and financial support, God will accomplish all that He has put before us to do! Thank you for being a part of this special outreach, and thank you for allowing us to provide the opportunity for you to extend your evangelistic reach by letting us be your hands.

Scaring is caring.

The Realm of Shadow Outreach Team

The Realm of Shadow Community Halloween Outreach is an outreach under the umbrella and guidance of Hosanna Christian Fellowship, Bellflower, CA.  Clicking on the provided Donation button link will take you to an online donation processing page administered by Hosanna Christian Fellowship.  HCF is a U.S. 501(c)(3) church, and all donations processed through the provided link are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.  All funds will be used for the Realm of Shadow Community Halloween Outreach.