The Realm of Shadow began as a home Halloween haunt maze over 20 years ago, created by SoCal residents Ron Love and his (very understanding) wife, Debbie.  What started off as a simple graveyard decoration on their front patio, has now grown to be an over 1800 square foot enclosed, twisting, creepy maze each year.

Our goals are simple:  1).  To provide a fun and chilling Halloween event that can be enjoyed by the surrounding community and beyond,  2).  To be creative in our scare tactics, so that we don’t reply on the gore-factor to creep you out, and  3).  To pass out the “good candy,” along with a memorable Christian gospel message to each and every visitor.  Everyone already knows about the darkness in this world, but many have yet to hear about The Light – Jesus.

It is our joy to scare you to death, and tell you about real Life, all at the same time.

Scaring is caring,

The Realm of Shadow Team