Everyone lives in the space between the Light and the Dark – The Realm of Shadow.

The Realm of Shadow is a community Halloween haunted attraction, and is open to the public for select nights during the month of October.  It is an elaborate “gore-free” haunted maze, and focuses on scares of extreme creepiness.  Parents are encouraged to walk the Realm of Shadow with their children or by themselves…if they are brave enough (bruuughhahaha!)  Souls 10 and up may enter by themselves, but let’s face it, it’s more fun for your kids to see adults jump, scream, and get scared

OPEN SATURDAY 10/26, SUNDAY 10/27, AND THURSDAY 10/31, 8 – 11 PM.  Check out the rest of our website for more info, and take the challenge to become a Shadow Walker in 2019.

Not convinced the Realm of Shadow can deliver for all ages?  Well…just read what past Shadow Walkers have to say:


In addition to opening its gates during our regular haunt season, this year the Realm of Shadow had the awesome privilege of showcasing a preview of part of our 2019 haunt at the 2019 Midsummer Scream Convention in Long Beach, CA (Aug. 3rd and 4th)!!!  A HUGE THANK YOU to all our fellow Shadow Walkers for coming out and supporting us at MSS.  It was a great success, and we had so much fun sharing the preview with all of you.  Our final count showed that we got roughly 3,600 people through the haunt that weekend!  3,600!!!  More importantly, those 3,600 people received a gospel tract especially designed for this year!   Needless to say, we are thrilled and looking forward to a spectacular season with all of you this Halloween.

2019 Midsummer Scream Convention floor.

Unlike the MSS preview, though, in October the Path of Shadow will take you through the full version of THE TEMPLE OF THE FALLEN GOD (cue thunder, lightening, earthquakes, and diabolical laughter)!!!  We are excited to see you take on the dangers of the lost temple and its master, DIABOLKI, the Fallen God.  Click here to learn more about the Temple.

Again, thank you for all your support.  We can’t wait to scare you in a few weeks.  And don’t forget, this year our location has changed to 9526 WALNUT ST., BELLFLOWER, CA.  You can find the map under LOCATION on our Main Menu.

Scare you soon!