Realm of Shadow 2021 Covid-19 Haunt Guidelines

Our aim is to provide the best home haunt experience possible during these trying times as we deal with Covid-19 community spread issues. We have been reviewing CDC guidelines and best practices for several months during the evolution of this pandemic, and within our private professional lives managing churches and businesses we have had to create and execute several different types of staff and large group protocols in order to promote and achieve a reasonable environment of safety. No plan is foolproof nor 100% germ or virus free, and it takes massive amounts of diligent cooperation with the attendees to have any type of success. In the end, it is up to you to make wise decisions and stay alert regarding your surroundings and practice of public health requirements. You are responsible for your own health and safety decisions.

We think you can do this, and so have created this list of Realm of Shadow Haunt Guidelines for you to follow. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the rules. If you are found violating any of these while on the premises, you will be made to leave the haunt property immediately. Scaring is caring, and we certainly care for all our Shadow Walker attendees like family. So, don’t blow it! Otherwise, we’ll have to unleash the furies of both the Lord of Shadow and Diabolki upon you.


1). Only family groups will be able to stand together in the line cue. All other people will need to keep 6ft physical distance between themselves and others. The CDC guidelines extend the definition of family group to mean only those family members who live in the same household. You are responsible for making this determination and your personal actions will determine your personal liability. Realm of Shadow will not be responsible for determining verifiable family relationships. Use your head – care for others – don’t be dumb about this. It’s such an easy rule to follow.

2). Haunt attendees will be grouped according to their line cue physical distance grouping. Line cue groupings of 5 or more will be split up, so that no walk-thru group consists of more than 4 people.

3). An official ROS Shadow Walker staff member will be assigned to follow each group through the maze to keep your group from causing a traffic jam inside the haunt, and to ensure required physical distancing between groups at all times.

4). Nose and mouth face coverings must be worn at all times BY ALL PEOPLE ON THE PREMISES. This applies to all attendees and all ROS staff members interacting with the public. You may remove your face mask when you are off the property. A Halloween mask that covers your mouth and nose is acceptable, but bear in mind, you may not take it off at anytime while on the premises. ROS actors must also wear a nose and mouth covering during all public interactions, both inside and outside the haunt attraction.

5). Hand sanitizer will be administered in the line cue by ROS staff.

6). Attendees’ temperatures will be taken via thermal scanner while in the line cue by an ROS staff member. If your temperature reads 100.2F or higher, you will not be allowed in the attraction or the cue line, and will (with much apology) be asked to leave the premises for the health and safety of all others.

7). Please be aware, that due to the need for keeping within safe spacing restrictions, you and your group may be asked to leave the area, and come back at a later time. ROS will do its best to accommodate your attendance, but in no way can we guarantee your admittance at any time. Generally, access to the attraction is first come / first served. We appreciate your understanding

8). Most importantly, if you are not feeling well in any way, please put others first and do not come to the haunt. You will be missed greatly, but there is no need to risk the health of your family, friends, and fellow haunters.

Thank you for your understanding and acceptance of these rules. Please check our website often and prior to your arrival for any changes or updates.

Scaring is caring,

The ROS Team